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The seemingly classic and rustic European villas are infused with unique oriental warmth. The new French style blended with East and West cultures brings a rich living experience. Our client approached RooMoo Design Studio with the desire to design a villa in a Western design style for a family of two children. This villa is located in Nanjing, China. A lovely garden and a swimming pool surround it. RooMoo replied by using a French style with a few Chinese touches, combining noble and rough materials to offer the most comfortable and enjoyable layout. French style with a few Chinese touches The three functions, a dining room, a central living room, and a second living room, were implemented on the first floor facing the south garden as it was essential for us to allow everyone, in every public space, to be able to enjoy the outdoors and to offer beautiful green scenery with direct light. Quiet activities, such as bedrooms, were located upstairs, with five bedrooms in total. The loud activities were conducted in the basement. The main entrance offers an excellent floor that combines a wood floor pattern and white marble. It remains to speak about colours and artistic touch. Warm orange and beige leather were selected to bring a warm feeling into every house space. The first living room uses a warm yellow, similar to a warm sunset, marrying orange, gold, and yellow colours into the pillows and soft decoration. At the same time, the second living room uses dark blue, such as a lovely blue sky in the evening before nighttime. The idea was to create a calm retreat atmosphere for study time. Dark blue is found on the painted ceiling and in the soft decoration. The dining room uses a salmon colour on the walls. At the same time, the ceiling uses wood and wood sticks to create an inner visible roof structure. It also can be seen as a nod to the Chinese roof structure. We wanted to create a warmer traditional feeling above the dining table. Quiet activities were located upstairs. The parents' main bedroom and bathroom get a customized carpet and curtain with a golden touch. The dressing and bathroom have also a warm orange glass to contrast with the white upholstery leather on the walls. The daughter's bedroom is using a gradient of pink to yellow. The son's bedroom uses a nice turquoise colour for the wall/ceiling painting and mosaic. At the same time, the loud activities were located in the basement. The low light for nocturne activities such as cinema, bar or wine cellar is well met. We created a double parallel circulation flow into the space, which is particular to the French layout. Once all the doors in those corridors are open, it allows to enlarge the space with exciting perspectives of arches and lovely scenery all along the corridor facing the garden. Once the doors are closed, it creates some privacy for cinema or study functions. The Western-style was brought about using details and materials. The most obvious element is the traditional French wall molding, used in Haussmannian apartments in Paris.






Interior design

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