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The dining area is located between the wine library and the bar. While the bartender serves wine glasses at the bar, waiters climb ladders to access a higher platform to select a bottle of wine. Once chosen, the bottle of wine is delivered in a basket using a rope system. This brings the full scenery of the wine experience to the customer.  The restaurant's design is a testament to its versatility. The terra cotta walls, reminiscent of a wine cellar, set the stage for a unique dining experience. Unlike traditional layouts, the bar is strategically positioned at the border of the façade, offering both indoor and outdoor seating options. The façade itself can be fully open, semi-closed, or entirely closed, allowing for a variety of dining experiences and different faces for the restaurant. Once the façade is closed, the staff can close the second layer of doors and create VIP rooms. The light coming through holes offers privacy, and excellent vibrating lighting plays through different hole sizes. The atmosphere has been targeted to feel sophisticated and very warm, with a playful balance in colour between the blue and orange in the furniture.




277 m2


Interior design

Lighting design

Furniture design

Facade design


Zhenhuan He

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