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B3, located in Coco Park in Shenzhen, is a restaurant designed by the RooMoo design studio. The concept comes from the brand. The name of Bistro B3 comes from the first letter of brunch, bistro and bar. The studio also takes "time" as an overall concept, echoing the brand's requirements and reinforcing the sense of time for B3. How to materialize abstract time into a real representation, through the understanding of time flow, the designer brings three ingenious ideas that symbolize the fluctuation of time in space. Materializing time involves repetition and movement. The design team introduced "three waves" linked to the B3 name into the project. The first wave is located outside and offers a warm welcome to customers. It is a metal partition made up of several stainless steel plates playing with the mirror effect and colour. The external wind on the metal parts gives the illusion that the wave is moving. This second exterior wave is more significant in continuity with the first one, overlapping the entire ceiling above the bar area and the kitchen window. Stainless steel mirrors provide great entertainment for the eyes day or night, while the LED light provides a range of colors at night. The third wave is located above the dining room. Time stops below this wave, as this wave gets a flat surface without bricks or metal parts, contrasting with the surroundings. The volume of this wave provides a niche space below where guests can relax while dining. The bricks on the walls look like sections cut out of a mountain. Once cut, the passage of time allows layers of physical contrast and sediment to stack on top of each other, laterally reflecting the changing environment over time. The bricks form three horizontal layering lines, creating a warm colour gradient. Once the bricks reach the glass ceiling, they transform into stainless steel mirrors. The design studio, aiming to reflect the freshness of our kitchen, used a captivating range of materials, textures and colours. The designer skillfully juxtaposed stainless steel mirrors with rough brick-like surfaces and the white wave element with the warm gradient of bricks. This innovative use of materials adds visual interest and creates a unique and inspiring ambience that will captivate our guests. The bar, strategically positioned at the heart of the façade and space, serves as a welcoming beacon for our valued guests. It not only separates the right dining area from the left kitchen but also acts as a functional focal point, facilitating the smooth delivery of food and beverages. This thoughtful design ensures that every aspect of your dining experience at B3 is taken care of with the utmost care and precision.




interior: 113 m2

exterior: 220 m2


Interior design

Outdoor/landscape design

Lighting design

Furniture design


Wen Studio

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