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This interior project is located in a recently renovated office park with several blocks of historical buildings. Their client asked Roomoo Design Studio - Canada Goose, to work with two of the most central blocks and turn them into China's first Canada Goose headquarters office. Two renovated old warehouses cross four different levels; the main entrance is from Block C, and at the second level of C block, a staircase is linked to the second level of Block A, where the primary open workspaces are located. Here, an external terrace and an outdoor staircase are next to the open spaces, creating a secondary office entrance. The building was built during 1920-1930 and used to be the practice room for the former Shanghai People's Acrobatic Troupe. This renovation intends to respect the old architectural spirit while giving it a new life and a warm feeling with a modern touch. The facade textures are kept as the original; the renovation work plays a subtle role and an extension of the interior, and cladding metals are used to emphasize the outlines of this building and protect the edges of the original openings. The colour choice of facade material also comes from the interior elements. Walking into the office from block C, a newly made brick wall with full height contrasts the historical elements. The colour choice of bricks is intended to give a warm welcome to visitors. Coming into the heart of this block, a shared core visually connects the pantry to the very top of this building, almost like a chimney place in a condo; this is where the meetings and gatherings happen. The brown metal elements are used both indoors and outdoors. They connected the whole building with different functions and emphasized the contrast between old and new regarding material choices and construction solutions. The staircase to the second level in block C is made from old elm wood boards; the steps come in original wood colour and finish to remind people of old building memories through hearing a little 'crunch' sound when people step on them. Right after the main entrance, there are two small meeting rooms. They are rounded with half-height transparent partitions, which keep the meeting rooms private while retaining visual connections. On the upper level of this area, two short staircases go to the top of the small meeting rooms, two shared spaces with flexible functions. Through another staircase is Block A, where are the main working area. This 7-meter-high space with a pitched wooden roof is divided vertically into two parts by a series of concrete beams. Six cubed metal frames are placed on top of the workstations between the wooden ceiling and concrete beams and become the primary lighting system. The idea is to avoid hanging instalments and leave the roof neat and clean. The detailed design of the lighting frame is to pay tribute to the "Christian column" by German architect Mies Van der Rhone.






Interior design

Lighting design

Furniture design

Facade design


Arch Exist & Xiao Yunnnn Studio

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