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Halation restaurant is located in Yanping Road, Jing 'a District, Shanghai. The general style of the space mainly targets young consumers. The brand's association with astronomy and Halation inspires the design, integrating these thematic elements throughout the space. About Halation inside, outside, up and down Halation is a street-facing store; our goal is to link the exterior and interior environment while offering an excellent culinary experience. Thus, a full-height glass facade allows us to achieve this visual connection between the interior and exterior. The first floor is the main dining room, designed flexibly to adjust the space for various activities like gatherings and small dinners. The second floor offers a smaller seating area and accommodates not only daily operational needs but also private events. Additionally, it has a small viewing platform providing a bird's eye view of the entire store. From the outside to the inside of the terrazzo floor made of gravel, a bar table and a sofa corner are installed along the street, which is the connection point between indoors and outdoors and the waiting area. The central dining room is divided into scattered seating and sofa areas, which can be flexibly combined with tables and chairs to meet needs. The bar area is located in the innermost part of the first floor and serves as a starting point for food delivery between the first and second floors. Rich imagination is the beginning of the Halation gravitational field. Step into Halation and you'll be transported to a world of magic and wonder. Our space design, themed around astronomy's gravitation and Halation, is a testament to this. The sole pillar, serving as the center, is adorned with eight differently sized circular paper installations, symbolizing Halation and gravitational field. The ball lights interspersed within emit a soft halo of light through the corrugated paper, enveloping the space in a magical atmosphere that will leave you enchanted. We imagine Halation as a gravitational field, with colours mainly consisting of brand tones and earthy hues.  Surrounding this field are stone cages filled with cobblestones resembling small meteorites, while hidden lights emit through the cracks, enhancing the dining ambience. At the same time, we deliberately set a soft light background on the bar counter, with light filtering through acrylic panels made of warm white and blue-green fragments. It creates a halo atmosphere for guests to dine or enjoy drinks at the bar.






Interior design

Lighting design


Wen Studio

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