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Our studio was inspired by the sound wave phenomenon when we created the first store for Whatever Eyewear, located in Kerry Center of Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. For this, the first shop of this new fashion sunglasses brand, the designers wanted to find a representative way to match its spatial visual image, respecting the existing product elements and brand charm. Our design is inspired by the specific details of WHATEVER Eyewear LOGO and product and the brand's unique attitude. The rotating installation in the centre is designed to present the visual image formed by the sound vibration of vocalized words “Whatever” and “Attitude”, which is the main display area as well. Each sheet structure using punching aluminum plate meets the detailed pattern carving requirements while reducing the overall structural weight.The sheet structure of the hollowed-out arrow pattern and the central tube structure of the hollowed-out bullet pattern are assembled together to shape a semi-transparent and relatively lightweight Soundtrack Installation, reflecting the brand's light-hearted yet sophisticated attitude. The lighting setting of the central tube structure and the three-layer transparent acrylic display boards can maximize the details of the product at different angles. A central handle divides the overall installation shape into upper and lower parts, echoing the WHATEVER brand‘s logo pattern and providing a sense of vision at a distance that disturbs the spatial order. Meanwhile, the rotating structure can also offer various needs to scene display by fixed rotating bearings in the ceiling. The space is meticulously designed to reflect the brand's identity. The stainless steel display area and the red-grey triangular punching plate constitute the leading colour tone, reinforcing the brand's colours. The vertical and horizontal segmentation unifies the overall environmental modulus, extending to the ground and ceiling, creating a cohesive and brand-centric environment. Mirrors are distributed vertically, horizontally, and obliquely at a 15-degree angle in space to meet the needs of multi-latitude guests who want to try products. In addition, considering the installation height of the primary mirror area, the product display area with a height below the normal horizontal level is reserved. Moreover, the visual centre area is left blank as a mirror, improving the experience of wearing.




45m² Indoor


Interior design

Lighting design

Furniture design


Xiao Yunnnn Studio

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